dev: Escina | design: impulsant | hosting: Hensel

june 8 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Lifehacking Academy: The event for professionals who want to have more time available for the things that truly matter!

Would you like to increase your productivity and work enjoyment by organising matters better so that everything runs more smoothly? Would you like to reduce the workload and gain better control of the overload of information?

A day at the Lifehacking Academy offers you the tools to move around more affectively in the information and network society.
You gain more control over your workload and this results in greater peace of mind and a better overview of your life. You can learn how to share your knowledge more effectively with others so that you can promote yourself as expert in your field.

Lifehacking Academy is the perfect blend of a unique networking get-together, an innovative congress and a creative playground.
Lifehacking Academy offers a wide range of workshops and sessions where you can enjoy direct access to experts in various fields.

Lifehacking Academy is based on three pillars: play, discover and share. In this environment, you become aware of the many possibilities and learn how to harness and implement these directly and pass them on within your own network in your own way.